NOTE: will be shutting down in its current form on October 1st, 2016. Thanks to all who have used this resource. Come back and visit us closer to the end of the year to get information on some exciting new agile video training. exists as a resource for agile teams working with user stories. The site allows individuals to share sample user stories or entire product backlogs (coming soon). You can also read and write reviews of agile tools for working with user stories.

View Sample Stories

View sample stories

Coming someday: will allow you to post individual user stories or entire product backlogs. Since one of the best ways to learn is by looking at examples, we’ll be working on this functionality next (after taking a short break to work on some other websites). You’ll be able to share your backlog or look at backlogs that others have shared.

Buy the book

Buy The Book

Mike Cohn’s User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development is the standard book on the subject of user stories. The book describes a requirements process that saves time, eliminates rework, and leads to better software. A great way to build software that meets users’ needs is to begin with “user stories”: simple, clear, brief descriptions of functionality that will be valuable to real users. In User Stories Applied, Mike Cohn provides you with a front-to-back blueprint for writing these user stories and weaving them into your agile software development lifecycle. more...

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Product Reviews

It wasn’t that long ago that there were few or no valid tool options for a team wishing to manage their product backlog. There are now so many tools that teams have a hard time choosing among them. provides tool vendors the ability to create and maintain their own product listings on our site. Users of the site can then rate and review the products, with aggregate results calculated as a Net Promoter Score.

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