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Tunde Femi Balogun

This is what I call excellent training. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Video training delivered by me, that you won't find on my blog or websites

Now available, a series of FREE training videos that tackles some of the most frustrating problems agile teams face when writing user stories.

After teaching User Stories to more than 20,000 people I know they help teams deliver high-quality products to market faster. But I also know there are still too many agile teams struggling to master them. If you're finding user stories difficult to work with, you'll love this free training.

Sign up to discover:

  • Why people still struggle with user stories, but why you shouldn’t give up using them
  • How (and when) to run a successful story-writing workshop
  • How to engage your team while writing and developing user stories
  • The only 5 ways you need to split a story so it's valuable and deliverable within an iteration
  • How to know if you’re adding the right amount of detail at the right time (and what to do if you’re not)

What people are saying about this free training:

Shobhana Menon

Brilliant way of explaining Story Maps and the relationships! Also, engaging the participants and how to follow a balanced approach!

Melissa Malpica

Extremely insightful and simply explained! I don't even bother to look elsewhere when I need to learn about a particular agile topic. I go directly to Mike Cohn on Mountain Goat, Front Row Agile, etc to feel confident about learning enough to implement these practices within my team immediately. Thanks Mike for the great training.

Liam Bell

Hey Mike, SPIDR is such a great technique. I've been to several story writing workshops with various agile coaches and I've never been shown SPIDR until now. I really appreciate that!

A Product Owner on a product I'm working with has been faced with a 'complex' story which a development team simply won't breakdown as a Scrum Master, I often find myself saying "if the guys are saying there's no value in breaking this down, trust them". A burn down might flat-line for a few days! But I too have experience when a team refuses to split stories, and over time I've noticed the average velocity dropped.

In our next refinement sessions, I will definitely offer SPIDR as a technique for splitting stories! I've been encouraging analysts within our organization to watch these tutorials as there is some excellent stuff here.

Thanks once again!

Zofia Safteruk-Przybysz

Excellent videos! Simply put and explained things that sometimes become a hassle for the team. Thank you Mike.

Leah Clelland Jochim

Very succinct with real world examples that work. Thanks Mike for the access to this great video!

Shah Mohammad Abdullah

Mike, you have explained a hard matter to splitting all compound user stories, in easy 5 ways - SPIDR, which is great.

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